What should be important in the construction of the multipurpose fields

What should be important in the construction of the multipurpose fields

Multipurpose fields are a kind of field that we need to see everywhere. These fields should be in front of the eyes of the people. Because, people will want to spend their time with their children and themselves in parks, sites, schools and other areas, this situation emphasizes the importance of multipurpose fields.

Multipurpose fields, in general, offer a good time as well as many activities. So, what are the factors that should be considered in the construction of multipurpose fields? What we know about this question. In this article we will focus on this issue.

The multipurpose fields must be in a location that the public can be benefited from. After selecting the location of the field, it should be determined which activities should be appropriate for the field.

  • Because people’s wishes should be considered.
  • Subsequent to this process, sub base work is started. Sub base should be started with peripheral tie, concrete should be poured after constructing the tie and pipe with certain width should be placed.

These pipes are used to avoid accumulation of downfall during the game. The BS20 concrete is poured onto the placed pipes. After this process, support rails should be added to the field. Immediately afterwards, the wire fences are applied in a stretched manner, even with the help of a 5mm thick steel wire and clamped with the help of clamps. In addition, carefully selected lighting poles for the multipurpose field are welded and installed. The last process is also selected for the specific game holes and game lines for the activities that have been selected. Equipment is placed in the opened holes for the field.

After this process, we have shared with you the points that need to be considered in multipurpose field construction. If these procedures are considered, the field will be better. If you want to learn more about the multipurpose fields, do not forget to visit our page.

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