Acrylic Flooring

Acrylic Paint for Sports Court Floor Coating, Cushion

What is Acrylic Flooring?

Acrylic flooring is a 2-3 layer acrylic paint application used in sports fields.

Acrylic flooring is an outdoor sports flooring method which is often at construction of sports pitches. It is a water-based paint. Numerous colors are available for acrylic flooring. The available acrylic flooring types are standard, cushion, and acrylic paint on SBR rubber. Generally it is used for tennis court construction and basketball court construction.

How is acrylic flooring applied? What are the types of it?

  • Standard Acrylic Coating

    • It is applied on asphalt or concrete infrastructure
    • Minimum 3 layers of acrylic paint are applied
    • Can be applied in desired colors
    • White lines are applied for 2 layers

  • Cushion Acrylic Flooring

    • It is applied on asphalt or concrete infrastructure
    • Primer and resurfacer are applied
    • 3 layers of cushion rubber dust layer
    • 2 layers of acrylic paint as the final layers

  • Acrylic on Rubber Floor

    • It is applied on asphalt or concrete infrastructure
    • Primer and resurfacer are applied
    • 1 layer of rubber flooring
    • 2 layers of acrylic paint as the final layers

  • Acrylic Floor Paint

    • Acrylic floor paint is available in any color
    • White acrylic paint for line marking
    • Acrylic paint application prices
    • Export-listed prices for acrylic paint

What are the Costs of Acrylic Floor Paint per Square Meter?

The price of acrylic sports court floor coating is determined based on the dimensions of the area to be applied. And also, we can also offer prices for the three flooring types specified above. Please contact us to learn the price of acrylic flooring per sqm.

You can get information about the prices of acrylic floor paints and just for the sale of materials. You can purchase our products as export-listed and export them to any country. We also provide installation services as well as selling our products in Turkey and exporting them to abroad.

You can get information from us on any issue in your mind such as the unit price for acrylic sports flooring,  acrylic flooring pose, acrylic flooring application, acrylic flooring paint prices, acrylic flooring technical specifications, cushion acrylic flooring prices etc.

You can take the advantage of Integral Sports’ experience in constructing sports pitches and many other types of floorings!

Request a quotation for construction of sports pitches and installation of sports flooring.

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