Tennis Court Construction

Tennis Court Construction Steps, Floor Types and Prices
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How is a Tennis Court Constructed

Tennis courts are sports facilities with artificial flooring which are enclosed by wire mesh.

Various artificial flooring materials are used in the Tennis Court Construction. Especially artificial turf, rubber flooring, and acrylic floors are used as and they are prepared in the highest quality standards. There is just one dimension for a tennis court meeting ITF standards. Tennis courts are designed with a size of 18m by 36m and is constructed in a rectangular shape.

Tennis Court Construction Stages

Tennis Courts are constructed in 4 main phases. The works start with infrastructure works, then continue with iron and meshworks and finally, it is completed with the installation of artificial flooring.


Tennis court infrastructure works differ based on whether it is an indoor or outdoor court. Stirrup concrete is thin and anchored at outdoor courts while flanges are assembled to the stirrup concrete by using screws.


Iron poles and wire mesh with a height of 4 meters are applied to the indoor tennis courts. Indoor tennis courts can have edges enclosed by wire mesh with the height of 3-4 meters and tarpaulin or PVC material can be used at ceiling cladding.


Astro turf, acrylic ground paint, and tartan floors can be used for the flooring of the tennis courts.


The lighting system is optional at tennis courts. We can install normal projectors of 400W or LED of 200 W if it will be used during the night.

What is the Cost of the Tennis Court Construction?

The cost of construction of a tennis court varies based on many factors. The dimensions of the court is the first criterion for this issue. Then the cost is determined based on the characteristics of artificial flooring material to be used. The final factor affecting the cost of a tennis court is the lighting system. Either LED or halide projectors can be used for lighting.

Tennis Court Construction Company

Tennis Court Construction Company

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Tennis Court Dimensions and Features for the Flooring

Usually, the professional tennis courts are designed in a rectangular shape with the size of 18 m by 36 m. These dimensions may vary in amateur tennis courts. The amateur courts can be seen at schools or residential sites. As also known, there are also the dimensions of the court from which the ball must not get out. These dimensions are determined to be 10,9 m by 23,7 m. in line with these dimensions.

And also, red and green colors are preferred for artificial turf tennis court flooring at the construction of courts while acrylic style tennis courts can be made in any desired color. Of course the size of the tennis net varies depending on the dimensions of the amateur tennis courts.

The Features of Tennis Court Flooring

Natural and artificial flooring materials can be used at tennis courts where grass or soil is used for those with natural floors. The courts with the same dimensions may have artificial flooring made from 3 materials such as tartan, acrylic or astro turf. The tennis nets are also prepared in standard size meeting ITF quality standards for professional and amateur courts.

Court Pace Classification:

This Classification Programme has been developed by ITF to assist purchasers of tennis surface products to determine the flooring type and speed of surface most suited to their requirements. The ITF classifies surfaces into one of five categories according to its Court Pace Rating: 1 Slow to 5 Fast. Check from

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