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Indoor Soccer Field Construction Company

How is an Indoor Soccer Field Constructed?

Indoor soccer pitches are artificial grass football pitches which are covered by steel construction.

Indoor soccer field construction: These kind of football pitches are constructed by using indoor astroturf flooring specially produced just for football and using iron construction based on static calculation according to the region. Tarpaulin, sheet metal, or PVC material can be used for roof cladding which isolates the astro pitch from the environment.

Stages of Indoor Astro Pitch Construction

Indoor astro pitches are constructed in 4 main stages in total. The works start with infrastructure works, then continue with iron construction and finally, it is completed with the installation of astro turf.


Infrastructure works start with leveling of the ground. The ground is excavated for the concrete beams according to the leveling data and concrete is poured on beams in 70 cm width made of construction iron bars of ∅12 and stirrup with ∅8. Anchorage pipes should be installed before pouring concrete.


Sheet flanges with the width of 10-15 mm are applied to the stirrup concrete with the interval of minimum 3 meters.  The main columns of the iron construction are fastened to the flange, and other bent columns are installed as a screw system. Irons construction is painted in khaki. Then the ceiling cladding is installed. After that, PVC coated iron mesh with a mesh size of 5cm x 5cm and the ceiling net for the astro pitch is installed.


Usually fibril or monofilament astro turf with pile length of 55 mm is used in the installation of astro turf pitches. The stirrup concrete is filled with no. 3 gravel on the lower layer and no. 1-2 gravel on the upper layer. Geotextile mat is laid on it. Then astro turf is installed on the mat. White lines on the astro turf are cut and glued. After filling with silica sand, SBR or EPDM granule is applied.


Halide projectors of 400W or LED projectors 150-200W are used at the lighting systems of indoor astro pitches. Pre-wired projectors are installed on the catwalks at the ceiling. The work is finished after connecting it to the distribution panel.

What is the Indoor Soccer Filed Cost?

Indoor soccer filed construction price of floorings varies based on the area (square meters). And also, the size of the area, on which the pitch will be constructed, determines the cost of the indoor soccer pitch. You can also experience the proper process by requesting a quotation for an indoor astro pitch now.

Considering an indoor astro pitch with a significant quality for quite an ideal cost, and which will be preferred by the customers for now and then, you can complete it with the company practicing international standards. You will see that you make the right decision. You can choose artificial football turf from the link.

1 The cost of the indoor astro pitch is determined based on the features of the iron construction. This is the most significant factor in the costs.

2 The ceiling cladding of the indoor astro pitch is also significant for construction costs. The tarpaulin is relatively affordable, but the PVC and iron sheet are expensive.

3 Using LED or halide projectors in the lighting of the indoor astro pitch effects the cost. LED projectors are more expensive.

4 Selection of artificial grass model is a significant factor for the cost of indoor astro pitch. The price may vary depending on being fibril or monofilament, and the granule.

Indoor Soccer Field Construction Company

Indoor Soccer Field Construction Company

Indoor Soccer Field Construction Company “Integral Sports!”

Indoor Soccer Field Construction Company

If you want to own an indoor soccer pitch, it may be useful to know the stages of this construction. It is important for you to experience a perfect process during constructing an indoor soccer filed that is compliant with FIFA standards and suitable for your budget. The design of the project based on the application area is the first important step. Each feature related to the facility is transferred to digital platform as a drawing and then the production stage starts after getting the approval. However, ground studies are also very important for the construction of an indoor astro pitch.

Construction of Welded or Bolted Indoor Astro Pitch

It’s our priority to find somewhere resistant against earthquake and disasters. It is imperative to construct it in accordance with the ground structure to ensure the safety of the people. There are two major factors considered for the construction. Choosing either the welded construction or bolted construction.

Welding is a difficult process and requires serious attention during installation and dismantling in the construction of indoor astro pitch. In the case of bolted production, it is more robust and ensures a smooth work when the product is required to be moved completely to elsewhere.

Indoor Soccer Field Dimensions


30m x 50m ideal dimesions of indoor soccer field


25m x 45m medium dimesions of indoor soccer field


20m x 40m small of indoor soccer field


18m x 36m multi-sports indoor pitch dimensions

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