Football Pitch Construction

Artificial Grass Football Pitch Construction

Standard astro turf football pitch is a facility with an artificial flooring which is enclosed by wire mesh

Professional artificial grass football pitches are constructed in accordance with the standards. Astro turf football pitches made from special yarns brought from Europe is a good option for the those who look for a professional astro turf pitch. Generally they are designed as monofilament and fibril floors.

Football Pitch Construction Stages

Standard astro pitch is constructed in 4 main stages. The works start with infrastructure works, then continue with iron and wire mesh works and finally, it is completed with the installation of astro turf.


Infrastructure works start with leveling of the ground. The ground is excavated for the concrete beams according to the leveling data and concrete is poured on beams in 25 cm width made of construction iron bars of ∅12 and stirrup with ∅8. And also perforated drainage pipes are installed on the ground.


Ø76 column pipes with 3 mm wall thickness are welded to the anchorage pipes on the stirrup with the interval of at least 3 meters. The horizontal pipes are welded in parallel with each other with an interval of 2-3 m. Iron construction is painted in khaki. Then PVC coated iron mesh with a mesh size of 5cm x 5cm is installed.


Usually fibril or monofilament astro turf with pile length of 55 mm – 60 mm is used in the installation of astro turf pitches. The stirrup concrete is filled with no. 3 gravel on the lower layer and no. 1-2 gravel on the upper layer. Geotextile mat is laid on it. Then astro turf is installed on the mat. White lines on the astro turf are cut and glued. After filling with silica sand, SBR or EPDM granule is applied.


Halide projectors of 400W or LED projectors 150-200W are used at the lighting systems of outdoor astro turf pitches. Pre-wired projectors are installed on cross lightning poles. The work is finished after connecting it to the distribution panel.

What is the Cost of Artificial Grass Football Pitch?

Professional artificial grass football pitches can be constructed in various sizes with single color or dual color. The size of this football pitch is 60m by 55m. Especially the astro pitches meeting the certified FIFA standards are constructed in accordance with the FIFA Star 1 and FIFA Star 2 criteria.

Prepared under certain FIFA inspections, the astro turf football pitches are installed in accordance with standards by a professional system. And also, the granules in different colors such as gray and green are poured on the artificial turf and thus high quality is achieved by using these granules.

Football Pitch Construction Company

Football Pitch Construction Company

Artificial Turf Instalation by Proffesionals

Artificial Turf Football Pitch Construction Company

Professional astro pitches which are required to be constructed in accordance with certain quality standards have a rectangular shape.

Dimensions of Regular Football Pitch

Here, pitch measurements and floor are of utmost importance. Usually, the length of the goal line which is the width of the pitch may range between 45 and 90m at an astro turf pitch. The touch line which is the long edge of the pitch is prepared in a size of ranging between 90 and 120 meters.   The dimensions of the football pitches, which are prepared in accordance with the European standards and special certificate inspections, must be compliant with these figures. Astro turfs prepared in various quality standards are designed with various conditions such as thickness, pile length, or vertebrate.

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