Astro Pitch Construction

Astro Pitch Construction & Artificial Grass Installation for Soccer

How is an Astro Pitch Constructed?

Outdoor astro pitches are sports fields with artificial turf floor enclosed by wire mesh

Construction of an outdoor astro pitch (5 a side football pitch) is based on the principle of laying artificial turf flooring which is particularly produced for soccer on pre-processed and leveled surfaces. The height of the wire mesh enclosing the astro pitch must be at least 6m.

Stages of Outdoor Football Field Construction

5 a side football pitch / astro pitches are constructed in 4 main stages. The works start with infrastructure works, then continue with iron and wire mesh works and finally, it is completed with the installation of astro turf.


Infrastructure works start with leveling of the ground. The ground is excavated for the concrete beams according to the leveling data and concrete is poured on beams in 25 cm width made of construction iron bars of ∅12 and stirrup with ∅8. Anchorage pipes should be installed before pouring concrete.


Ø76 column pipes with 3 mm wall thickness are welded to the anchorage pipes on the stirrup with the interval of at least 3 meters. The horizontal pipes are welded in parallel with each other with an interval of 2-3 m. Iron construction is painted in khaki. Then PVC coated iron mesh with a mesh size of 5cm x 5cm is installed.


Usually fibril or monofilament astro turf with pile length of 55 mm is used in the installation of astro turf pitches. The stirrup concrete is filled with no. 3 gravel on the lower layer and no. 1-2 gravel on the upper layer. Geotextile mat is laid on it. Then astro turf is installed on the mat. White lines on the astro turf are cut and glued. After filling with silica sand, SBR or EPDM granule is applied.


Halide projectors of 400W or LED projectors 150-200W are used at the lighting systems of outdoor astro turf pitches. Pre-wired projectors are installed on cross lightning poles. The work is finished after connecting it to the distribution panel.

What is the Construction Cost of an Astro Pitch?

Considering especially the types of astro turf, different costs may arise in line with various criteria in constructing outdoor astro pitch. The costs of astro turf may vary depending on its thickness, height of the length of the pile, production type such as fibrile or monofilament, or whether having vertebrate or not. And also the use of LED systems in the lighting of the astro pitches also makes a difference in the cost of the astro pitch. And also the quality of the granules poured on the astro turf, and their color either green or gray may cause a difference at the cost of the pitch. The cost of the astro pitch may vary for different options such as them and the price may increase or decrease.

1 Selection of astro turf model is a significant factor for the cost of football pitch. The price may vary depending on the length of the pile, being fibril or monofilament, and type and amount of granule.

2 Using LED or halide projectors in the lighting of the astro pitch effects the cost. The initial cost of LED projectors is high, but it saves energy.

3 The specifications of the iron construction of the astro pitch and the height affect the costs. Outdoor astro pitches may be constructed with the height of 6 m, 7 m, and up to 9 m. The diameters and wall thickness of the poles are also important.

4 Finally the social facilities, the quality of the changing rooms, and landscaping are absolutely determined considering the budget of the customer. It may be luxurious or in a medium level.

Astro Pitch Construction Company

Astro Pitch Construction Company

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Astro Pitch Construction Company “Integral Sports”

In general, it takes about a month to complete construction of outdoor astro pitch. The astro turf is made from the yarns produced in Europe in accordance with the specific international standards. The yarn produced in the desired thickness by the state-of-the-art systems by using special methods ensures convenient sports conditions. Astro turf costs may vary based on their quality. And also, the cost of astro pitch may vary depending on various criteria.

General Features for Astro Pitch Construction

The astro pitches for commercial purposes are constructed with the size of minimum 40m by 20m. The ideal dimensions are determined to be 50m by 30m and the astro pitches are usually constructed with this size around the world. On the other hand, astro turfs are produced from special yarns with the height of 40 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm and 60 mm which also effects the cost. However, the yarns with the height of 55 are usually used. The fibril or monofilament astro turfs in single color or dual color cause the difference in the cost.

5 a side Football Pitch Construction Cost

Mini synthetic football pitches are also called “5 a side football pitch“. Integral is contructing all kinds of synthetic football fields.

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Dimensions of Astro Pitch


30m x 50m, ideal Dimensions for Outdoor Astro Pitch


25m x 45m medium size Astro Pitch


20m x 40m small size Astro Pitch


18m x 36m mini size multi-purpose astro pitch

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